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Gabriela Maria Müller was born in 1963 in Teufen, Appenzell, and lives and works in Pura, Ticino, Switzerland. 


She has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions since 1994, both in Switzerland and abroad, and has been a member of Visarte, the Swiss Visual Arts Association, since 2006. She has been the winner of the twelfth edition of the 2019 Bally Artist of the Year Award, established by the Bally Foundation, in collaboration with the MASI. Her work is held in both private and public collections.  


Gabriela Maria Müller has been examining closely the intricacies of nature for more than twenty years, pursuing a full immersion in nature’s silent and immutable beauty. This contemplation is an indispensible condition for her work. Her attention oscillates between the almost imperceptible life contained in the seeds and minutia of nature and the solid tangibility of rocks, trees, earth. Her work reflects the centrality of her observation and conviction that every element of nature, in whatever form, contains an absolute harmony, carrying an immense beauty and purity in its essence. Her work traces nature’s tracks, conserving its fragments and confirming its regenerative power. 


 “…The essence within all her artistic creations - constructed with extreme mental clarity, practiced within two unique figures: the square and the circle – Gabriela Maria Müller’s work is both concentration and liberation…The absolute union, first and last, is established with nature, admirably beautiful and precious both in the vastness of its incommensurableness and in its minutest detail…The entire work of Gabriela Maria Müller thus seems to be a long, tender contemplation…She discerns the precious within the ordinary, the purity of the materiality, the elevation of extremely modest elements and she manages finally to forge a connection between the here and now and beyond those temporal and material confines…No matter whether the composition includes material which seems to dissolve into pure form, or can be barely seen, or whether the inner light of the work more strongly expands: it is the unseen, carefully guarded heart of which the artist hints…” Maria Will


“…Form, reduced to the essential, evokes the pattern of nature which now contains memory compressed within the material: her work radiates an intimate vibration which echoes emotionally, like a courtyard ringed with children’s voices: this is the minimalist reduction of a artist who has searched for years for the archetype of spiritual purity, with a coherent approach based on care, attentiveness and mimesis…” Alessia Giglio Zanetti


Solo / selection













In-flore-scientia, NMB, Neues Museum Biel, Bienne, Switzerland 

Anima Naturae, MASI, Museo d’Arte della Svizzera Italiana, Palazzo Reali, Lugano, Switzerland - Bally Artist of the Year Award 2019

In-flore-scientia, Museo Vincenzo Vela, Ligornetto, Switzerland

Regarder le Silence, Mairie et Beffroi du 1er, Paris

Visible Silence, VAP Venice Art Project, Venice

Erich Lindenberg e Gabriela Maria Müller, Nel riverbero della natura

Erich Lindenberg Foundation, Museum Villa Pia, Porza/TI

Galerie Reichlin, Küssnacht am Rigi/LU

Mythologien, Galerie Schönenberger, Kirchberg/SG

In silenzio, la luce, Galleria La Casa, Vaglio/TI

Stille sehen, Galerie Schönenberger, Kirchberg/SG

Vedere il silenzio, Galleria La Casa, Vaglio/TI

Verso il silenzio, Galleria La Loggia, Carona/TI

Group / selection













Icone vegetali. Arte e botanica nel secolo XXI, Museo Villa dei Cedri, Bellinzona/TI

Luisa Figini, Gabriela Maria Müller e Francesco Vella, Must Gallery, Lugano/TI

Siamo alberi, Ex Centrale Elettrica, Lugano/TI

Visarte/TI, Museo d'Arte Moderna, Casa Serodine, Ascona/TI

Visarte/TI, Museo d'Arte Moderna, Casa Serodine, Ascona/TI

Lorenzo Cambin, Aymone Poletti e Gabriela Maria Müller

Galleria Officinaarte, Magliaso/TI

Neues aus den Ateliers, Galerie Schönenberger, Kirchberg/SG

Utopia e Regressione, Visarte/Soroptimist, Palazzo Comunale, Riva San Vitale/TI

Award "Premio Soroptimist" for "un nuovo mondo"

Profumi di mare, Galleria Arte Moderna Ammann, Locarno/TI

Visarte/TI, Museo d'Arte Moderna, Casa Serodine, Ascona/TI

Intrusioni, Villa Orizzonte, Castelrotto/TI

30 Jahre Galerie Schönenberger, Galerie Schönenberger, Kirchberg/SG





Visarte/TI, Spazio Officina, Chiasso/TI

La casa di..., Galleria La Casa, Vaglio/TI

Visarte/TI, Visarte in bianco e nero, Museo Casa Rusca, Locarno/TI

e.qui.librio, Galleria Officinaarte, Magliaso/TI

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